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With news from the growing edge of the renewable energy revolution and reports on the war between big oil and clean energy technology.

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Heroes of the Coast – the Documentary

heroes of the coast documentaryHeroes of the Coast – the Documentary tells the story of how the people of California organized to save the coast. The documentary has been completed and Earth Alert is seeking a distributor. It is available, however, for internal and public use by non-profits.

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In Memoriam

Stories of the Spill:
How Santa Barbara's Beach Catastrophe Became a Lesson in Democracy
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Ormond Wetland Wonderland
This half-hour documentary presents a narrative by coastal wetlands expert Wayne Ferren, overlaid with video footage and photographic stills, captured by Alan Sanders over more than a decade at Ormond.
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Heroes of the Coast
An historic series of video interviews with major figures in California coastal protection.
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Patrick Wall 1945 - 2014

Article in
The Western Star

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Renewable Minute


The Ormond Project
Ormond Beach in Ventura County is considered by many to be the most important coastal wetland in Central California. Earth Alert's Board Member Alan Sanders continues to play a vital role in its protection.
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The Renewable Energy Radio Show
News from the growing edge of the renewable energy revolution and reports on the war between big oil and clean energy technology. The Renewable Minute is a one minute radio spot on topical green energy issues. Learn 10 Truths About Big Oil and get the latest news about renewable energy projects.
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You can help!
Our mission is to contribute to the enormous and ongoing need to educate the public on environmental issues by cost-effective use of mainstream media and independent production.
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World's First Commercial Solar Building
The Bridgers and Paxton Solar Building in Albuquerque, NM was designed and built at a time when most mathematical calculations were still done with slide rules. This solar-heated office building, in 1956, was completely revolutionary.
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Coastal Protection Torch
is Passed
Ventura County Star - 9/15/11
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When Enough is Enough
Ventura County Star - 6/11/11
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Offshore Oil Drilling Bills
Threaten Channel
Ventura County Star - 5/21/11
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