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With news from the growing edge of the renewable energy revolution and reports on the war between big oil and clean energy technology.

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Help create a free energy planet

If the human race were to mature in wisdom,
how might Earth evolve its energy production and distribution?

The Luratia Chronicles educational science fiction series is especially tailored to teach young readers what a planet’s evolutionary arc might look like if:

  • Energy is harvested directly from the sun in near orbit and in such volume that it can be distributed free to all corners of the world. Implementing the wireless energy distribution first introduced by Nicolas Tesla, real-time sun energy is distributed through the air throughout the planet eliminating the need for batteries or other storage facilities. Learn more about space-based solar energy.

  • The supermaterial graphene is developed abundantly and with ever-wiser applications that improve the quality of medicine, machinery, engineering, architecture, communications, transportation modes and construction materials.

  • A balance has been achieved between limited population growth and the ability of machines to free the planetary inhabitants from dangerous manual labor while at the same time making possible a slow food agrarian society.

The 6-volume series follows the struggles and triumphs of the heroine Lin di Ana of the planet Luratia, a fictional world evolving rapidly from a profit-motive exploiter of natural resources to a service-motive conservator of natural resources with zero emissions and zero population growth.

The Luratia Chronicles are an entertaining read that teaches without preaching and reveals a world where the ideals of wise planetary stewardship is being realized.

Underwrite Volume 1

$5,000 donation

Underwrite Volume 2

$5,000 donation

Underwrite Volume 3

$5,000 donation

Underwrite Volume 4

$5,000 donation

Underwrite Volume 5

$5,000 donation

Underwrite Volume 6

$5,000 donation

Contribute to the Luratia Wikipedia

$5,000 donation

An online Luratia wikipedia, currently in development, shows how Earth can solve its current environmental and energy problems via the history and technology described in numerous wiki articles.

See the Luratia wiki.

Contribute to 1 year of 1-hour Online Video Classes

$5,200 donation

A series of video classes teaching the the principles and approaches of Luratian technology to a general audience will broadcast live once a week from the Luratia web site.

See a prototype video portal.

The mission of Earth Alert is to contribute to the enormous and ongoing need to educate the public on environmental issues by cost-effective use of mainstream media and independent production. Earth Alert is a registered 501 (C)(3) organization.

Earth Alert, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit organization

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