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The Ormond Project

the ormond project

Ormond Beach is regarded by many as the most important coastal wetland in California’s Central Coast, and by some as the most important wetland south of Monterrey.

Geographically, it is a two-mile stretch of the California coast in western Ventura County that stretches from the Port Hueneme pier to the Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station boundary. It is a remnant of extensive coastal wetlands that, a century ago, stretched from Mugu Rock to the Santa Clara River. Driving on California’s Highway 1 from Malibu to Oxnard, one can see another section of the wetlands from one’s car, stretching from the road to the beach where the highway curves north of Mugu Rock. These wetlands are part of the Naval Base Ventura County and off-limits to the public.

The Ormond Beach remnant has been protected by its isolation, hidden behind a patchwork of industrial and agricultural parcels along Hueneme Road, the California state road in South Oxnard that connects the Port of Hueneme with California Highway 1.